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2082 Anderson Highway ,
Powhatan, VA 23139
Phone: 804-897-5977
908 Southlake Blvd,
Richmond, VA 23236
Phone: (804) 379-9993
11222 Patterson Ave,
Richmond, VA 23238
Phone: (804) 740-1905
15446 Pouncey Tract,
Rockville, VA 23146
Phone: (804) 749-3491

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Teague Auto Centers in Richmond, VA

Thanks for visiting the Teague Auto Centers website. With four locations throughout Virginia, we proudly serve drivers across Richmond, VA, Rockville, VA, Powhatan, VA, and surrounding areas as an independent tire dealer and professional auto repair shop. From small automotive maintenance services like an oil change to large auto repair services like engine or transmission replacement, we're on hand to help with all your automotive needs. Use our website to shop for tires online now, or learn more about the automotive services we provide. When you're done, give your nearest location a visit for personalized service.